November 22, 2015

Wheelchair Bag

I received an order for a wheelchair bag from a customer looking to replace a bag that her mother currently had.  After asking her many questions, this is what I knew:

     She wanted it to be about 10"W and 6"H.
     She wanted it to be like a pouch but did not want it to zip but rather partially close with velcro.
     She wanted straps that could be wrapped around the wheelchair and be velcroed to the bag.
     Her mother wanted the bag next to her on the inside of the wheelchair.
     She wanted no pockets inside the pouch.

Here is what I came up with.

 I put a large pocket on the front to add some interest to the front.

I used the same fabric as the pocket for the lining.

This shows how the straps will wrap around the wheelchair which will be much narrower.  I, also, squared the bottom corners to give the pouch a little more capacity.

Hope she likes it!