February 13, 2014

My Top 10 Sewing Tools

I was sewing piping onto fabric while making a Sugar and Spice bag from Chris W Designs.  (I'll tell you more about that bag next post).  I was using a piping foot that I bought as a set of three different sized feet six months ago.  I was thinking that this piping foot has really made working with piping very easy.  I loved the look of a little bit of piping but never found that it was worth all of the trouble.  It got me to thinking about what other sewing tools that I use that save me time and hassle.  I came up with my top ten faves.  Some have been around for a long time, some are new, and some don't even really belong on a sewing table.  Before you scroll through my list, come up with your own list (not counting your sewing machine and iron). 

Here they are in no particular order:
Clips for thick layers
Double-sided tape
Fray check
Disappearing marking pen and white pencil (I prefer the ink that disappears with water as opposed to heat.)
Seam ripper (If you look closely, you can see one of my hairs that I must have torn out the last time I had to use this.)
Teflon foot for vinyls and faux leather
Skewer for pushing out corners (It took me awhile to learn the right amount of pressure to use to not push all the way through the fabric!)
Piping foot

Clear ruler

And certainly, last but not least, out of hubby's tackle box through the dishwasher and onto my sewing table, a fishing hook remover.  This is the best thing for turning straps.  Turn the first 1/2 to 1 inch by hand, insert the long neck, squeeze the handle to grab a piece of the fabric and pull through!  Voila!!!  Sometimes, if it is a long strap, you will have to repeat this process a few times.  Love it!


Fishing hook remover

Did I miss any of your favorites?? If you are a quilter, I can think of two things that would be on your list that aren't on mine.  Let me know what you would add.

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