March 13, 2014

Back to Reality

I haven't posted for a while because I have been on vacation for 2 weeks, trying to escape this cold, harsh winter.  My 2 sisters, their husbands, and my husband and I finally had a chance to all slip away together.  We started our trip in Las Vegas. 

Can you guess where we stayed??  I knew I was already having sewing withdrawals, (I sew EVERY day) when I started admiring the chair in my room and thinking what a great bag it would make!!

One of my sisters and brother-in-laws had to return home after that leg of the trip but the remaining 4 of of us went on to Arizona for baseball spring training to see our beloved baseball team (the Cleveland Indians) play. 

I am a huge baseball fan and am pleased to report that our team looks really good at this point.  Not that it means anything yet.  The real season does not begin for several more weeks.  My fingers are crossed again this year hoping for good things.  They did win all 3 games we watched them play.  Then last night, it was back to reality when we got off the plane at Akron-Canton airport to snowy, icy conditions and single digit temperatures.  And now....back to work.  Don't tell anyone but I really missed sewing for these 2 weeks but I want to show you a treasure that I found while I was gone.
I learned a while ago that souvenirs could easily be purchased as a remembrance of a trip.  My souvenirs just happen to be fabric now.  I always come home from trips with new fabric.  I search out fabric stores that I don't have close to me and I found a treasure in Arizona. 
I found an ad for a fabric store in the local telephone book and decided to check it out.  The name of the store is Mulqueen's.  They have 4 locations but only 2 have fabric.  I went to the location in Glendale.  (I later visited the Mesa store, too).

There were racks and racks of fabric neatly displayed. The fabric was $6.95/yd unless it had yellow in it.  Yellow was the color of the month so it was $4.95/yd.

They also had clearance fabric for $3.95/yd.

If you thought the fabric selections were great, look at the sewing machine department. Boy, do I dream about a few of these!!

Thanks to Annette and Vicki at Mulqueen's for their help. Here are my souvenirs....

Now, back to work. I have orders to fill and the March bag of the month to make.

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