September 1, 2014

Check Out One of My Tagees On Their Around the World Blog

The Around the World Blog continues on.  Please check out one of my tagees:

Kathy from Running With Rocket.  Do you believe she lives in an airpark and has her own plane in a garage on her property?  She grows beautiful flowers and she loves sewing.  Check out  her blog here.  Looks like she has some interesting selections for her tagees, too, for next Monday.

I have started to work on a Date Night Bag for my daughter followed by a Get Carded wallet for her, too.  Think browns and oranges.  Here is a look at the fabric selections.

The flowered fabric is for the Get Carded wallet and the plaid for the Date Night bag.  I'll use the chevron for the lining in both bags.  Off to sew....


  1. I like her lining choice. Good way to coordinate.
    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Very nice fabrics !!

    1. Thanks, Lorena, from my daughter. Just finished both of them this morning and will post them soon.

  3. Can't wait to see them I love the colours. I've often thought of using orange and brown, maybe next time.

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