February 13, 2015

Amelia Hobo Bag

I had the pleasure to be a tester again for Maria Petrova of Delinda Boutique.  This time the bag was a large hobo bag that was fun to make.

The great part about the Amelia Hobo Bag is that there are several variations to choose from.  The bag can close with a magnetic snap or with a recessed zipper.  There is the option of adding a slip pocket on the outside of the bag that matches the one on the inside.  While the bag can be made using a variety of different fabrics, the look of the bag can change, too, by your choice of interfacing.  It can be made with no interfacing, interfacing or fleece depending on the how "slouchy" (no, I don't really think that is a word) you would like the bag to be.

I chose to use a quilting cotton for my bag and used no interfacing or fleece.  That is something I would probably change next time.  I would have used a heavier fabric for the exterior or used some fleece on the inside. My personal preference is a little less "slouchy". (There is that word again...spellcheck isn't correcting it so maybe it really is a word).  I've had this fabric for a really long time but could not find a good bag to use it on because the print is so large.  This was the perfect bag for it because the front of the bag is one large piece of fabric.

I chose the recessed zipper closure for mine and it was pretty easy to do.

You can also see the top of the handle detail that I made from faux leather which matched what I used on the bottom of the bag.

Inside there is a zippered pocket on one side and a rounded slip pocket on the other side (not seen).

This bag is a fairly quick sew.  It is a large bag (18" across at the widest point, 14" tall and 5.5 inches deep).
It would be a great bag to take shopping because it can hold a lot of treasures!

If you would like to make this bag, too, you can get a discount if you purchase it February 13 or 14, 2015.
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  1. I love your bag, that fabric is so cute. The bottom and handle looks great in pleather. I wasn't brave enough to use pleather. My fabric was thicker than yours and was still quite slouchy so I understand why you'd use fleece the next time.

    1. Thanks, Maria. Loved your fabric. The color was fabulous.

  2. Great bag Marilyn. I couldn't help it I had to look up slouchy and it is indeed a word:
    (of an item of clothing) soft and relatively unstructured; not tight-fitting or rigid in shape.
    "slouchy black suede boots"
    characterized by a lazy, drooping posture.
    "I followed three slouchy teenagers through the door"

    1. Good. I didn't want to be making up words. It just sounded funny.

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  4. Thanks for your help and advices. I really wanted to see this bag in quilting cotton and your is beautiful!

  5. I love this bag. It is just what I have been looking for in a bag, thanks for sharing this.

  6. Beautiful bag Marilyn, I like your fabric combo

    1. Thanks, Lorena. I wasn't sure if I would ever get to use this fabric because the print is so large.

  7. What a pretty hobo bag. Your large print looks great. Love the pleather accents.

  8. What a pretty hobo bag. Your large print looks great. Love the pleather accents.

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