March 10, 2015

Fabric Selections From Norwalk Fabric Outlet

If you read my blog from yesterday, I told you I would share my fabric selections from my trip to Norwalk Fabric Outlet.  This is what I came home with.


I couldn't pass up these dots!.  This is a heavier weight home dec fabric that is 54" wide.  I love that the first two sets are exact opposites of each other (pink with brown, brown with pink, blue with brown and brown with blue).  I have already used the red and white polka dots to make a bag I hope to show you before the end of the week.  This fabric has so much body.  The only color I left on the shelf was white with black dots!


There were two fabrics that caught my eye because of the "shades of BOLD".  The one on the left is an orange heavier weight suede and the one on the right is multicolored upholstery fabric.  Both of these fabrics are also 54" wide.  I am currently sewing a bag with the orange suede that I will show you soon.


I was selecting fabrics from all over the store.  It wasn't until I started taking these pictures that I realized that two of my upholstery fabrics went together perfectly.  What a happy surprise!  It looks like I planned it.  I guess I just liked the color palettes together.


The main reason I went was to get some more faux leathers.  When I am experimenting with a new faux leather, I hate to pay top dollar for them.  These faux leathers cost only $6 a yard, and are 54" wide.  If they don't work out well, I'm not out that much.  I love that.  

The first group of faux leathers are very soft and buttery.  I got the only two colors they had in this feel.

The last group of  faux leathers I bought are heavier, with more substance.  I love the red one especially with the textured feel.  The one on the left is more of a caramel color than gold.

So there you have it.  19.25 yds  of goodies.  All at $6 a yard. 14 different selections for a total of $115.50 plus tax.


  1. Love the dots and the fact that they have the same colors so you can play with that. The purple and blue upholstery by the orange is awesome. What fun you must've had. Great deals! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing and experimenting!!

    1. Thanks, Norma. If I use the fabric quickly maybe I can get back in a few months. I almost left the purple and blue there. I saw it when I walked in but decided to go to the back of the store and go forward. I was checking out when I remembered it.

  2. Wow... I'm drooling! I would love to get some more faux leathers, especially.

    1. Love this place for that, too. I hate paying big prices.

  3. Great shopping at great prices! Love your selections.

  4. Great shopping at great prices! Love your selections.

  5. great buy, marilyn!
    i love them all! if we are happen to be in the same store at the same time, i think we'll end up fighting for that same fabric...haha!
    have fun !

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